London opens its Arms to Home-Sharing

  A London law tells hosts to get a planning permission to rent out their apartments for less than 90 days or a penalty of ₤20,000 (26352,59 Euro) is imminent. It was to protect the house supply in London. Now this 42-year-old law will be revised. Homeowners will be able to rent out their accommodation […]

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Tips for using your mobile phone abroad

  You want to use your mobile phone abroad, you want to share your experiences with your friends and family at home ? Then follow these useful tips to save mobile phone costs abroad: Think about which apps you need before you go on your journey and download them at home.  You should also manually […]

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London- 9 tips for the cold season

Days are getting shorter, colorful leaves lying on the road, a smell of plum cake and pumpkin soup. It’s time again: finally autumn and winter is around the corner. We love the bright colorful season and give you nine reasons why even during cold weather London is worth a trip.   The City of Musicals […]

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9flats.com achieves profitability

Short stay platform 9flats.com breaks even / Stephan Uhrenbacher moves to advisory board / Roman Bach now CEO

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Find the cheapest airfares in three simple steps

You’ve found 9flats, which means you’re already pretty savvy when it comes to saving money on travel accommodation. Today we share some simple tips for finding the lowest airfares and stretching that travel budget even further. Step one Let’s say you want to fly from New York to Barcelona on October 15. Get on a […]

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Six ways you can save money at Oktoberfest

The greatest beer-drinking event on Earth is right around the corner. The annual Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany from September 21 through October 6. If you haven’t been, you really should go. You don’t know the true meaning of beer until you’ve sat in a huge tent drinking it from one-liter mugs, surrounded by […]

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9flats hosts now can earn money in Bitcoins

9flats announces its full support for Bitcoin as payment methods for both guests and hosts.

A Personal note from Stephan Uhrenbacher, CEO of 9flats

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Payment methode bitcoin

9flats accepts payments with Bitcoins

9flats is introducing the payment method Bitcoins that is to offer a new easy and fast way of paying instant bookings. The globally valid booking method is growing in popularity and provides a high level of safety thanks to a complex encryption code.

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People watching in Istanbul


Made your New Year’s travel resolutions for 2013 yet?

Didn’t get away as much as you wanted to in 2012? Here are some ideas to travel more and smarter in 2013…

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The 9flats team goes to Istanbul

travel tips

Intoxicating Istanbul: insider guide from the 9flats team

Wanna know how to take fifteen excitable people to Istanbul, and keep them oohing, aaahing and eating for three days? Here’s how…

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We have a new look


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: what’s new at 9flats?

Wondering what we do all day? Here are some of the latest improvements we’ve been working on for you as a guest or a host.

(photo: Cea, Flickr)

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TNW interviews Stephan Uhrenbacher


Interview with Stephan Uhrenbacher

Our co-founder and CEO talks about standing out as a start-up at the recent Dublin web summit…

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Fairytales and Christmas, strange bedfellows


What have fairytales got to do with Christmas?

Once upon a time in winter… the first snowflakes fell like feathers from the sky. The 9flats editorial team sat in their Berlin office and pondered to themselves: how come our German colleagues insist that fairytales are an inherent part of Christmas? And how did such different cultural influences find their way into this annual holiday?

Poster design: Rowan Stocks-Moore

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Borja, Gran Canarian and 9flats customer services


The Canaries: Spring… for eternity

Think the Canaries is too touristy? Not so! It’s surprisingly easy to find delicious, local food, bustling markets and unspoiled beaches. Especially when you go there with a local…

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1980s, the new vintage

TRavel tips

Vintage. The view from London.

Find out the insider view on vintage in London, and where to hunt for clothes, parties and more. Guest post by LeCool London.

Photo: visualnews.com

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Vintage travel


Retro, vintage… or just plain old?

Vintage is everywhere these days, from furniture, to clothes, to parties. But what does it actually mean? We investigate (and give you some insider ‘vintage travel’ tips)…

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Indian summer


How many swallows make an Indian summer?

Indian summer is a term you hear a lot, but what does it actually mean, and where’s the best place in the world to enjoy it?

Photo: ientu, Flickr

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9flats NEWS

Great response to iStopOver joining 9flats family

A week on from our iStopOver news, we’ve collected your responses, and we’re happy to say they’re pretty positive!

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9flats NEWS

9flats lands in the Americas

We’ve been dying to tell you, and now we finally can! 9flats has expanded into North America, with the acquisition of leading private rentals firm iStopOver…

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Ivan Lentil in the Veggielympics

Weird and wonderful

World exclusive… secret footage of the Veggielympics 2012

With all this Olympics talk, we felt like we should be getting involved too. But we missed out on the ticket lottery… what to do?

We decided to hold our very own, no expense spared, Veggielympics in the office kitchen. Have a look! (And find out some mad facts about Olympic sports you never knew before.)

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